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     GOODALL ENGINEERING PLASTICS (SZ)CO.,LTD is an engineering plastics compound manufacturer invested by holding company Landrich Chemicals in Shenzhen. Goodall originally occupied an area of 8,000 square meters. It has advanced single and twin screw extruders production lines and test equipment. Its annual production volume is 10,000 tons. Goodall has R & D center, Operation, QA, Sales and Financial departments. Many employees working in R & D center have PHD and MASC degree. All technology leaders completed their education in advanced countries.

     GOODALL ENGINEERING PLASTICS (Kunshan) CO.,LTD puts into operation in 2006 with an annual production volume of 8,000 tons. New Dongguan factory in Guangdong province is under construction with a floor area of 15,000 square meters. The designed volume is 50,000 tons per year. Goodall is creating new and exciting opportunities to innovation in new technology supported by R & D center and Landrich Chemicals with its advanced experience and technical specialism and by cooperating with China Academic Society of Science, China National Key labs. Goodall signs long term joint research projects with Beijing University of Chemical Technology. Goodall has developed all types of plastic blends and composites. Its products consist of flame retardant materials, reinforced compounds, polymer alloy, functional masterbatch and bio-degradation plastics. Goodall has sold those industry leading products to more than 20 listed companies in Hong Kong, Europe and Americas for wide use in automobiles, home appliances, OA equipment, IT communications, electrics/electronics, furniture, building materials, sports equipment, electrical tools and aerospace.



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