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New self-healing Plastics Extends the Service Life of Plastics

2016-01-22   admin    2587Click

Many cell phone users smash their phone by accident, and can’t operate themafter the screen smashed into a thousand pieces like spider web. The worst scenario is they have to buy new ones. But don’t be scared? Recently a Paris materials scientist Lucwik Liebler successfully developed self-healing plastics Vitrimers, possibly repair cracks.         

 Vitrimers with unique properties will allow them to be reformed after being broken apart. Just add heat and a chemical catalyst and the damage melt away.

 Thermoplastics are malleable when heated but become fixed in a solid shape when cooled, and cannot be reformed. Thermosets are rigid and retain their form even when heated. Vitrimers combines the two existing plastics and retains their formwhen heated, but can be reconstituted for infinite times. But Vitrimers are at experimental stage, there is still a long way to go before putting into operation.

  Liebler’s work has earned him the 2015 Inventor Award in the the research category from the EPO (European Patent Office), and is expected to have a wide-ranging and transformative impact, possible making current plastics out of date. This work will significantly extend the service life of plastics, is it recyclable?

  The first applications will be in transport, in cars, in planes, in all the applications you have that need toughness, for repair and increasing durability of your objects. The application target of Vitrimers primary is on engineering plastics, it will not affect using of recycled commodity plastics.


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