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Innovative application of composite materials or to subvert the traditional auto industry

2016-01-22   admin    2621Click

Recently, this reporter learned that some automotive technology experts said recently that in the automotive industry, innovative applications or composite materials will subvert traditional car industry, that is, the traditional automobile manufacture automotive stamping, welding, painting, assembling the four major traditional manufacturing Technology may someday disappear. At that time, manufacturing a car is probably a very simple thing, just use composites car became stuck together. Even experts assert that the automotive industry may be lightweight steam engine bring industrial revolution par.
       It is understood that in the application of new technologies and new materials, some car companies have been walking in front of BMW in this regard has been the practice in the innovative application of composite materials, the BMW i3 are available both in the automotive industry or the materials sector , have received all the praise in the BMW i3 factory, you can see the entire production line with conventional cars very different production lines, body and chassis are made of carbon fiber molding. 
       Therefore, some experts predict, not only the car's four major traditional crafts will disappear, even painting that channel technology will produce changes, such as cars can be directly used composite color itself, just like the linen clothes, you do not need to Spray colors, and is a natural color.
        At present, many countries are very Carbon Fiber attention from governments, automobile companies to material suppliers, while China in the development of the application of raw materials seriously lagging behind Japan western countries, especially the carbon fiber thread. It is reported that the carbon fiber precursor, more than half of Application technologies are controlled in the hands of Japan. But the good news is that now many domestic material suppliers are beginning to focus on this area. Last year, Kant Investment Group Langfang Carbon project is put into a high-performance T700 grade carbon fiber precursor, the planning capacity of 5100 tons, a capacity 1700 tons, is expected in the third quarter 2015 pre-production, formally put into operation in the fourth quarter, the products are mainly used to build a new energy automotive parts. According to industry experts, the BMW because of its own production capacity, Kant Investment Group Langfang project will use carbon fiber BMW The company's technology to produce new energy vehicle carbon fiber parts, thereby entering the BMW supply chain system.


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